Friday, December 18, 2009

TLO time!

I love this time of year! The TLO Fan Fair was a huge success! It went so well that I'm already planning next years event as well as the Summer Festival.

I collected two more recordings and a great video from another hard core fan that found the TLO performance that most others had missed two years back...very happy with that rare gem. My collection is looking great, I will make a point to post some images sometime as well as some audio and video (when I figure that out) - I'm not great with the computer, but I'm getting better!

This time of year I listen to the TLO Christmas collections a is great to hear thier holiday favorites! I love their fourth Christmas album...I think I wore out my vinyl listening to it over and over again. A gift from my father - actually all my Christmas albums are, I can't help but remembering the years he missed the holidays with us because of his roaming with the band. I understand now, but then it was mother never forgave him for not being there, but really he had the honor of being with TLO and I have the stories and gift of the music that he gave me that is all that matters in the end.

Every year he tips me off to TLO's Holiday sneek show...I'll keep you posted!!!! Best show of the year, the costumes are always amazing and the stage is beyond mind-blowing!!! I live for word of it every year!!! Watch for posters too, they start showing up around this time of year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season!

I've been busy with TLO happenings. I'll hosted the 14th annual TLO Holiday Fan Fair at the Lewiston Roller-dome this coming Saturday and Sunday. Always held the weekend before Christmas, all the true TLO fans are there with thier crafts, TLO wares and most important recordings of the live TLO shows.

Recording of The Loco Ono can be hard to come by and my personal passion. I have a library stocked with years of live shows by TLO. I do own their studio albums of course...but to see and hear them LIVE is where it is at. The show they put on is beyond amazing with dozens of people on stage, it is something to see. I have video, but with the pirotechnices, lights and projections it is hard to really make out what is happening through a camera's eye...but the sound is always true even on a cell phone recording. My collection spans from tapes to cds - all labeled with the date and location of the proformances Since TLO is so hard to come by to begin with a show recording is very rare...that is why I have my recorder with me at all times. Of course that is a basic TLO fan rule.

The TLO Holiday Fan Fair has been featured in the Portland Phoenix three years running. I'm sure the area's fans will be there again this year, it is always great and only $8 to get in. All the info as always is found as always in the Phenix, Androscoggin News, Portland News and with posters in the regular spots.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don't believe the urban legends - beware of posers!

" sucks, don't read it, ever. I have been following TLO since they were way underground and way raw, so called number one fan is nothing but a BLOW jobber.

Stay real, stay sweaty."

I came across this insult when visiting the NEWEST Loco Ono fan site the other day. I thought I was done with all the posers that think they are the ultimate fan of TLO! All my life I have come across these guys who think that since they JUST discovered TLO that they are the new authority on everything TLO - well I've been doing this for a long time and believe you me this is not the first time I've been attacked by someone who thinks they know TLO more than I do.

I'm not a "word smith" like this joker that is posing as "Satan's Sweatpants" but I am real about my love and knowledge of all that is TLO. I've lived the TLO life since I could remember - my father even claims to be the original drummer - although since this information only surfaces when he is drinking heavily it is hard to know if that if fact for fantasy, but never-the-less I KNOW TLO. I LIVE TLO.

I hate to bring up and attack other fan's blogs, since typically I figure live and let live since I just want everyone to experience the wonder of The Loco Ono, but I want to point out that this NEW fan of TLO posing as Satan's Sweatpants has NO clue as to the truth of TLO. There has always been the urban legend of how Guy Stroker died: "Everyone who follows The Loco Ono has been mourning the loss of the greatest drummer in the Southern Maine Coastal Region, Guy Stroker, since his mysterious passing two years ago, but now perhaps we can find some closure. A friend who is close to sources in the know told S's.S. that Guy was suffering through a particularly bad spate of public masturbation shortly before his deathy death. He was spotted several times in fast food drive-thru lines, cock in hand. The authorities, though they were unwilling to release the information at the time of Guy Stroker's passing, believe that he died of dehydration." (Posted 11/24/09 on Satan's Sweatpants Blog)

Like I said URBAN LEDGEND!!!! Guy Stroker first of all was the second drummer for the band. The first drummer's identity has never been confirmed and also unconfirmed is the truth if he died or survived choking on vomit also. The first drummer was with the band for only a few days for the first album, most people who are novice fans don't even know about that detail. Guy Stroker was the "face" people know at the band's drummer - it is true, he was a legend in Southern Maine and across the world, but he did not die like Satin's Sweatpants claims. That story has been around since his mysterious death. I can prove it too, being the #1 FAN - I have the article that ran in the Phoenix! Take that S's.S.! Asshole! Don't mess with the number one fan...

Against my usually signature of images, I feel it is necessary to attach the article for all to know the truth. I'll be watching this Satan's Sweatpants and I'll be there with my red pen waiting to correct his errors!

Don't believe the urban legends - beware of posers read the true source of TLO here! I apologize I have not been posting as much as I use to on my old blog - stay tuned I've got my ear to the ground and I will be updating you on the band shortly. The thrill of the chase - I've seen more posters!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I've been following the band for years - watching them grow into the awesome force they are today, waiting for them to take the world by storm and now it is happening!!! LOCO ONO IS COMING! I've seen the posters up everywhere here in Maine, a friend of mine in Boston reports posters down there too! They are here and they are making noise! To see them live is to see god - in costume of course! I will keep everyone posted on this blog of any news related to the band and show dates!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fan my whole life!

As a kid my dad would bring me to the underground shows of The Loco Ono. I practically grew up with the band. They are one of those bands that people are aware of but you know under the radar? In my mind they are best band that ever lived. Maybe it was because this was the only bond my father and I had, maybe it is the unbelievable energy the band brings to the stage, or maybe it is because they are! If ever you are lucky enough to see them in concert then count yourself as one of the chosen few who have witnessed greatness!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Again I wait!!!!

Loco Ono is hard to find. I think they may just decide on a moments notice sometime when and where they are going to play. It can be hard to catch a show, but it is so exciting when you do! I know they are personally connected with the scene in Maine and really the whole Northeast so when they are ready to play they seem to have no problem having a venue. I had heard a rumor they were playing a show in town, but still I haven't confirmed it yet. Although I have lived the life of following them for years I still can't help but wonder who they really are? The mystery of the truth is so exciting!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Loco Ono Rocks the Old Port

It was the greatest show I had ever seen! I can't believe I found the show to begin with. My dad and sent me an email saying they were playing in Tommy's park at mid-night...of course that wasn't it, but I could hear them! I searched along with some other die-hard fans and we found the source - the Nickalodian parking garage roof top! But the garage being closed, it was impossible to get in to see them. I don't know how they worked that out or how they got up there, but the lights, sounds smells and music was amazing. The crowd gathered to probably well over a hundred people before the police arrived to break up this improve concert. The band seemed to be gone by the time the cops got up there. I was hoping to get a first hand glimps of the show, but this was just as good. My father somehow got to see them on the roof top. He told me they waited in the stair wells until the garage closed then set up and preformed! Who knows with my dad anyway, he also clames to be one of the founding members of the band and I know that is crap. He just follows the around.