Friday, December 18, 2009

TLO time!

I love this time of year! The TLO Fan Fair was a huge success! It went so well that I'm already planning next years event as well as the Summer Festival.

I collected two more recordings and a great video from another hard core fan that found the TLO performance that most others had missed two years back...very happy with that rare gem. My collection is looking great, I will make a point to post some images sometime as well as some audio and video (when I figure that out) - I'm not great with the computer, but I'm getting better!

This time of year I listen to the TLO Christmas collections a is great to hear thier holiday favorites! I love their fourth Christmas album...I think I wore out my vinyl listening to it over and over again. A gift from my father - actually all my Christmas albums are, I can't help but remembering the years he missed the holidays with us because of his roaming with the band. I understand now, but then it was mother never forgave him for not being there, but really he had the honor of being with TLO and I have the stories and gift of the music that he gave me that is all that matters in the end.

Every year he tips me off to TLO's Holiday sneek show...I'll keep you posted!!!! Best show of the year, the costumes are always amazing and the stage is beyond mind-blowing!!! I live for word of it every year!!! Watch for posters too, they start showing up around this time of year.

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